• Business ethics
  • Confidentiality awareness
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Compliance with the law
  • On the basis of the following business ethics, we pay attention to the cultivation of employees’ awareness of confidentiality. For intellectual property generated during customer projects, we protect it in accordance with confidentiality agreements and the requirements of local laws.

    Information security

  • Customer asset evaluation
  • Confidentiality level and authority management
  • Separation of production environment and office environment
  • Information security assessment and audit
  • The company has passed the certification of the ISO27001 information security management system. We evaluate the customer’s information to determine its confidentiality level and access rights. Use the authority management system to authorize access and strictly manage. At the same time, we separate the production environment from the office environment to reduce the inadvertent disclosure of confidential assets. We will also regularly organize information security assessment and audit to continuously improve information security.

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