A process Safety Evaluation Program covers all activities from process development to manufacture. Dedicated in Inherent Safe Process Design to ensure safety during process development and manufacture.

  • Equipment including Mettler Toleder RC1e and DSC and Fasuke ARSST. Assess Reaction Heat, Adiabatic Temperature Rise, Thermal Accumulation, Decomposition Temperature and Venting Area.

  • Process Safety Evaluation work is based on Stossel’s Process Safety Evaluation Theory and Criticality.

  • Establish Internal Process Safety Data and Reagent Safety Information to ensure timely, systematic and efficient Desk Research before Project Onboarding.

  • Established a 欧宝体育直播吧-欧宝体育直播下载 including molecule design, route screening, process development, pilot production and manufacture, product transport and waste disposal.

  • An in-depth Process Safety Program ensures “Safe Process Design is Inherent in Process Safety”.

  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.